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  1. Bicyclists on the Mariners Trail near Manitowoc.

    The Mariners Trail follows Lake Michigan between Two Rivers and Manitowoc.

  2. The Rawley Point lighthouse in Two Rivers.

    The 1894 Rawley Point light in Point Beach State Forest is one of the tallest and brightest on the Great Lakes.

  3. Bicyclists pass a pioneer cabin in Point Beach State Forest.

    In Point Beach State Forest, the Rawley Point Trail passes a restored 1929 cabin.

  4. The Cobia submarine in Manitowoc.

    In Manitowoc, the USS Cobia is open for tours and occasional overnights.

  5. Beerntsen's candy shop in Manitowoc.

    Beerntsen's candy shop draws a constant stream of customers.

  6. Bernard Schwartz house in Two Rivers.

    In Two Rivers, the Bernard Schwartz House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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