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  1. Bicyclists on Mackinac Island.

    Bicyclists pass the Lake Shore Nature Trail on the lake path.

  2. The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.

    When the Grand Hotel was built in 1887, it set a high standard for the "cottages'' built later.

  3. Bicyclists under Mackinac's West Bluff.

    Bicyclists ride the lake path under the West Bluff cottages, built after 1885.

  4. Victorian houses on Mackinac Island.

    On the west side of the island, the trail passes Victorian houses.

  5. A bicyclist passes the Sugarloaf.

    In the middle of the island, trails pass the limestone Sugar Loaf.

  6. British Landing on Mackinac Island.

    A cannon marks British Landing, where British forces rushed the island in 1812, before Americans knew war had been declared.

  7. The harbor entrance to Mackinac Island.

    There's plenty of boat traffic off the island's harbor.

  8. A bike path on Mackinac Island.

    Hawkweed carpets the Arch Rock Trail in late June. Yellow moccasins are abundant earlier in the month.

  9. A painter puts lilacs and Fort Mackinac to canvas.

    The island's famous lilacs bloom the first two weeks of June.

  10. Bicyclists on Mackinac Island.

    The historic downtown is filled with fudge and gift shops.

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