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  1. Lodgings at Pioneer Lane in Ephraim.

    The Lodgings at Pioneer Lane are suites in Ephraim.

  2. Rowleys Bay Resort in Door County.

    On the Lake Michigan side, Rowleys Bay Resort is near the Mink River estuary.

  3. The White Gull Inn in Fish Creek.

    In Fish Creek, the White Gull Inn was built in 1896.

  4. Cape Cod Motel in Egg Harbor.

    The Cape Cod is a mom-and-pop motel in Egg Harbor.

  5. Little Sister Resort in Door County.

    South of Sister Bay, Little Sister Resort is one of the few traditional lake resorts.

  6. Robins Nest Cottages in Fish Creek.

    In Fish Creek, each of the Robins Nest Cottages has a deck.

  7. Lake View Cottage at Smith's.

    Smith's Lake View Cottage is one of two on Europe Lake.

  8. A cabin in Wagon Trail Campground.

    Cabins at Wagon Trail Campground near Rowleys Bay have interesting architectural details and homey decor.

  9. Julie's Park Motel in Fish Creek.

    In Fish Creek, Julie's Park Motel is on the road to Peninsula State Park.

  10. Village View Motel in Sister Bay.

    In Sister Bay, Village View Motel is tucked against the bluff.

  11. Egg Harbor Lodge.

    Guests enjoy the sunset at Egg Harbor Lodge.

  12. Scandinavian Lodge near Sister Bay.

    Rooms at the Scandinavian Lodge surround a large pool.

  13. Waterfront hotel in Ephraim.

    The Edgewater is one of several white-frame hotels that line the waterfront in Ephraim.

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