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  1. A deli on the Food Planet tour.

    Guide Lauren McCabe discusses Eastern European delicacies at the Ashkenaz Deli.

  2. Pastries in Chicago.

    The tempting wares at Delightful Pastries in Old Town.

  3. Three oils at Old Town Oil.

    Japanese, Greek and Italian oils are available for sampling at Old Town Oil.

  4. Cutting fudge in Chicago.

    An employee cuts fudge at the Fudge Pot, in Old Town since 1963.

  5. Delightful Pastries in Chicago.

    Delightful Pastries reflects the European origins of Old Town.

  6. Hot dog stand in Chicago.

    In Chicago, nearly every neighborhood has a hot-dog stand.

  7. A food-tour stop in Chinatown.

    Chicago Food Planet's Chinatown tour includes a stop for dim sum.

  8. pastries at Orso's in Chicago's Old Town

    Samples of Italian pasties from Orso's conclude a tour stop in Old Town.

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