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  1. Paddling the Wisconsin River.

    Paddlers venture onto the Wisconsin River south of Sauk City.

  2. The view of the Wisconsin River from Ferry Bluff.

    The view of the Wisconsin River from the top of Ferry Bluff.

  3. Hyde Mill south of Arena, Wis.

    The dam at Hyde Mill was built in 1850.

  4. The wine cave at Wollersheim.

    At Wollersheim, a tour group looks at the wine cave dug in the 1840s by Agoston Haraszthy.

  5. Hiking up Gibraltar Rock.

    Gibraltar Rock, with Lake Wisconsin in the distance.

  6. The Merrimac ferry docks on the north side of the river.

    Bicyclists are first to roll off the Merrimac car ferry.

  7. Vintage Brewing in Sauk City.

    Vintage Brewing serves food and its own craft beer in Sauk City.

  8. Tom Porter of Lake Louie Brewery.

    At Lake Louie, Tom Porter discusses unruly yeast.

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