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  1. Boreal owl in St. Croix State Park.

    A boreal owl traveled far south to St. Croix State Park, 75 miles from Duluth.

  2. Birders watch a boreal owl in Duluth.

    Birders watch a boreal owl along Tischer Creek in the middle of Duluth.

  3. A boreal owl in Duluth.

    Guide Chris West photographed the Tischer Creek boreal owl.

  4. A great gray owl outside Duluth.

    A great gray owl sat in a churchyard just outside Duluth.

  5. Bird watching at Stoney Point.

    Bird watchers converge on Stoney Point.

  6. Snowy owl at Whitefish Point.

    A snowy owl hunts for food at the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory near Paradise, Mich.

  7. A saw-whet owl near Cable, Wis.

    The tiny northern saw-whet owl lives in dense conifer forests and, during migration, often is seen from Whitefish Point Bird Observatory on the east end of Lake Superior.

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