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  1. A guided snowshoe hike in the Porkies.

    On a guided hike, snowshoers descend the far side of the ski hill.

  2. Riding the lift in the Porcupines.

    Snowshoers ride the chairlift to the start of a weekly hike.

  3. Snowy trail in the Porcupines.

    Snow draped a ravine cut by the Union River.

  4. A snow mushroom in the Porcupines.

    A snow mushroom sprouts in the forest.

  5. Kaug Wudjoo Lodge in the Porkies.

    Kaug Wudjoo Lodge is on Union Bay and sleeps 12 in comfort.

  6. Snowshoe hut in the Porcupines.

    Near the ski-hill chalet, a hut contains a variety of snowshoes.

  7. Whale-shaped slabs on Lake Superior.

    Ice slabs form a whale on Union Bay.

  8. A yurt in the Porcupines.

    The park rents four yurts year-round.

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