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  1. Inline skater on trail in Winona

    Near Winona's Sugarloaf, a five-mile trail circles Lake Winona.

  2. A campsite at Baker Park Reserve.

    At Baker Park Reserve in Maple Plain, a camper is just half an hour from downtown Minneapolis.

  3. A church on the Lake Wobegon Trail.

    The Lake Wobegon Trail passes many small-town churches.

  4. Skaters and bicyclists use the Munger State Trail.

    The Willard Munger State Trail starts in West Duluth.

  5. Canoeing in the Boundary Waters.

    Before a paddle trip, stay in a bunkhouse.

  6. The municipal campground in Grand Marais.

    Pitch in at the North House Folk School in Grand Marais and get a free campsite on Lake Superior.

  7. A boy fishing in Sibley State Park.

    A beach and fishing pier adjoin campsites at Sibley State Park.

  8. Bicyclists in Whitewater State Park.

    At the group center in Whitewater State Park, the Minnesota Rovers get ready for bicycling.

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