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  1. The lighthouse on Sand Island.

    On Sand Island in the Apostles, volunteer keepers stay in the 1881 lighthouse.

  2. A crowd listens to an outdoor blues concert in Solon Springs

    In Solon Springs, camp and see a concert in the same place.

  3. Paddling the Wisconsin River.

    With placid water and abundant sandbars, the Wisconsin River is perfect for paddling and camping.

  4. Bicycling along Madison's Lake Monona.

    From campgrounds, bicyclists can ride all around Madison.

  5. Walking around Geneva Lake.

    In Lake Geneva, camp just off the famous lakeshore path.

  6. Marquette University's Straz Tower dorm.

    Marquette's Straz Tower provides dorm rooms on the edge of downtown Milwaukee.

  7. A cabin in Point Beach State Forest.

    In Point Beach State Forest, the Ketchbaw Cabin has its own boardwalk to the Lake Michigan beach.

  8. The Caddie Woodlawn house near Downsville, Wis.

    The 1856 house where the heroine of "Caddie Woodlawn'' lived is near Downsville.

  9. Rides at Bay Beach Amusement Park.

    In Green Bay's Bay Beach Amusement Park, most rides cost 50 cents.

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