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  1. A burnt-orange cabin at Ely's Burntside Resort is frequently

    In Ely, cabin 26 at Burntside Lodge may be the most-photographed cabin in Minnesota.

  2. Log cabins in White Pines Forest State Park.

    In northern Illinois, the log cabins in White Pines Forest State Park are small but romantic.

  3. Inside a cabin at Backbone State Park.

    Backbone, Iowa's first state park, has 16 cabins.

  4. Inside a North Shore cabin.

    On Minnesota's North Shore, a VRBO cabin features the always-popular fieldstone fireplace and picture windows.

  5. A cabin at Cascade Lodge in Minnesota.

    A cabin at Cascade Lodge on Minnesota's North Shore.

  6. A cabin at Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.

    The cabins at Keweenaw Mountain Lodge were built in the 1930s by the WPA.

  7. Hawk's View cottage overlooks Mississippi in Fountain City.

    In Fountain City, Wis., Hawks View Cottages sit high above the Mississippi.

  8. Seth Peterson Cottage in Mirror Lake State Park.

    Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Seth Peterson Cottage, which is in Mirror Lake State Park near Wisconsin Dells.

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