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  1. Tourists at Whitefish Point lighthouse.

    The Whitefish Point Light is the oldest operating lighthouse on Lake Superior.

  2. The beach at Whitefish Point.

    The sandy point also is a prime bird-watching area.

  3. Driftwood on Whitefish Point.

    Driftwood lines the beach at Whitefish Point.

  4. Boat pass Whitefish Point.

    The 1,000-foot ore boat Presque Isle passes the upbound Dutch ship Taagborg.

  5. Whitefish Point in Michigan.

    Vantage points for bird-viewing flank the lighthouse.

  6. A Dutch saltie passes Whitefish Point.

    The Dutch ship Taagborg passes Whitefish Point on its way to Duluth.

  7. Stones on Whitefish Point beach.

    Pebbles along Whitefish Point.

  8. Fog building and lighthouse at Whitefish Point.

    The foghorn and beacon at Whitefish Point still are important to navigation on Lake Superior.

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