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  1. Isle Royale Queen in Rock Harbor.

    The Isle Royale Queen IV from Copper Harbor arrives in Rock Harbor.

  2. A moose calf on Isle Royale.

    A moose calf browsing for food along a trail in Isle Royale eyes a nearby hiker.

  3. Canoeing on Isle Royale's Tobin Harbor.

    Summer visitors paddle across Isle Royale's Tobin Harbor.

  4. A fox gazes at a hiker on Isle Royale.

    Foxes know that tourists have food, so they're not shy.

  5. A moose calf grazes on Isle Royale.

    Moose benefit from the dwindling number of wolves.

  6. Tobin Harbor on Isle Royale.

    Tobin Harbor, which reaches far into the island, usually is calm.

  7. Thimbleberries on the Superior Hiking Trail.

    Thimbleberries ripen along the Greenstone Trail in August.

  8. A Windigo cabin at Isle Royale.

    There are two camper cabins at Windigo.

  9. Rock Harbor Trail in Isle Royale.

    The Rock Harbor Trail follows the rocky shoreline of the Rock Harbor Channel.

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