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  1. The view from Itasca's fire tower.

    The Aiton Heights Fire Tower Trail includes a great view from the tower.

  2. Kids at the Itasca headwaters.

    Kids love to run across the rocks that mark the start of the Mississippi.

  3. Lake Itasca and the headwaters.

    The waters of Lake Itasca supply the fledgling Mississippi.

  4. Canoeing at Itasca.

    Canoeists paddle on Lake Itasca.

  5. The Chester Charles excursion boat in Itasca.

    A narrated tour on the Chester Charles is a good way to spot wildlife, especially bald eagles.

  6. Bicycling in Itasca State Park.

    Bicyclists can circle the park on paths and Wilderness Drive.

  7. Hikers on Kasey Lake in Itasca.

    Hikers take a break along Kasey Lake.

  8. Douglas Lodge in Itasca State Park.

    The Douglas Lodge has been housing visitors since 1905, when it was known as "a jewel standing in mud.''

  9. Snowshoeing at Itasca headwaters.

    Itasca is quieter in winter, when visitors can go to the headwaters of the Mississippi River by snowshoe.

  10. Bert's Cabins in Itasca State Park.

    Bert's Cabins, once part of a private resort, now are rented by the park.

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