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  1. Camper cabins in Dakota County.

    The Whitetail Woods camper cabins in Dakota County are very popular.

  2. A camper cabin in Lake Bemidji State Park.

    In northern Minnesota, Lake Bemidji State Park has four camper cabins.

  3. A camper cabin at Afton State Park.

    The camper cabins in Afton State Park, just east of St. Paul, are right on the ski trail.

  4. A camper cabin in Orchard Beach State Park.

    Michigan camper cabins, such as this one at Orchard Beach State Park, have two small bedrooms, fridge, microwave and living area with sofa.

  5. A mini-cabin in Michigan state parks.

    A rustic cabin in J.W. Wells State Park, on Lake Michigan near the Wisconsin border, is one of many in Michigan state parks.

  6. Cabins in Palisades-Kepler State Park.

    In Iowa's Palisades-Kepler State Park, four family cabins have their own corner of the park.

  7. Cabin in Backbone State Park.

    At Iowa's Backbone State Park, family cabins overlook the lake.

  8. A cabin in Point Beach State Forest.

    In Wisconsin's Point Beach State Forest, the Ketchbaw Cabin has no water or electricity, but it does have its own boardwalk to the Lake Michigan beach.

  9. Camper cabins at Jay Cooke.

    The camper cabins in Minnesota's Jay Cooke State Park are popular year-round.

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