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  1. Inline skater on trail in Winona

    Skaters, runners and bicyclists love the five-mile trail around Lake Winona.

  2. A steamboat float in Winona's Steamboat Days parade.

    Winona royalty rides a float during the town's Steamboat Days.

  3. A Mississippi River view from Winona.

    From Garvin Heights, there's a panoramic view of the river valley.

  4. The white domes of Winona's St. Stanislaus gleam in the sun.

    The white domes of St. Stanislaus are a city landmark.

  5. Mississippi backwaters in Winona.

    Wisconsin's bluffs frame the Mississippi backwaters on the north edge of town.

  6. The view from Garvin Heights in Winona.

    The white dome of St. Stanislaus can be seen from Garvin Heights and up and down the Mississippi Valley.

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