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  1. Historic buildings on Cedarburg's Washington Avenue.

    Historic stone buildings line Washington Avenue.

  2. A girl gobbles strawberry shortcake in Cedarburg

    A young contestant gets messy at a Strawberry Festival shortcake-eating contest.

  3. The old woolen mill in Cedarburg.

    Cedarburg's grist mill was built in 1855.

  4. A painter works on Cedarburg's shopping street.

    During Strawberry Festival, painter Jim Hempel works on his entry for the Plein Air Competition.

  5. Kids look into a candy store in Cedarburg.

    Boys look into the window of a candy store on Washington Avenue.

  6. The Interurban Trail in Cedarburg.

    The 30-mile Interurban Trail cuts through downtown Cedarburg.

  7. Cedar Creek Winery.

    Cedar Creek Winery always is dressed for the season.

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