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  1. Potawatomi Falls on the Black River.

    Potawatomi Falls is easiest to reach, along with the neighboring Gorge Falls.

  2. Hiking along the Black River.

    Hikers walk from waterfall to waterfall through forest.

  3. Lodge of Bear Track Cabins on the Black River.

    The lodge of Bear Track Cabins once was a tavern that catered to loggers.

  4. The mouth of the Black River.

    In winter, the mouth of the Black River on Lake Superior is a moonscape of rock and ice.

  5. North Country Trail on Black River.

    From Lake Superior, the North Country National Scenic Trail follows the Black River for four miles.

  6. Sandstone Falls on the Black River.

    Sandstone Falls is between Rainbow and Gorge falls.

  7. Waterfall on the Black River.

    Potawatomi Falls roars all winter, sometimes under a sheath of ice.

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