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  1. The rustic cabin at Point Beach.

    Two rustic cabins on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin's Point Beach State Forest sleep 14 and 16.

  2. Group cabins at Whitewater State Park.

    Groups who stay in the cabins in Minnesota's Whitewater State Park also get to use a large lodge with a wood-burning fireplace and commercial kitchen.

  3. The guesthouse at Bear Head Lake State Park in Ely.

    The guesthouse in Bear Head Lake State Park near Ely is a modern split-level.

  4. Deep Portage Conservation Reserve.

    In Minnesota lakes country, Deep Portage Learning Center provides inexpensive lodgings, three meals a day and nature activities.

  5. Crosby dorm at the Audubon Center.

    In eastern Minnesota, groups can rent rooms in the Crosby dorm of the Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center.

  6. A guesthouse at St. Croix State Park.

    In eastern Minnesota, St. Croix State Park rents two large guesthouses.

  7. Group camp at Sibley State Park.

    There's a large "indoor group camp'' at Minnesota's Sibley State Park.

  8. Cabins at North Lakeland Discovery Center.

    Cabins sleep up to 100 at North Lakeland Discovery Center in northeast Wisconsin.

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