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  1. The view from Brady's Bluff in Trempealeau.

    From the top of Brady's Bluff, hikers can see as far north as Winona.

  2. The Trempealeau Hotel.

    The Trempealeau Hotel is famous for its walnut burgers and a porch that faces the Mississippi.

  3. Wildflowers in Trempealeau.

    In May, jeweled shooting stars cover the side of Brady's Bluff.

  4. The river in Trempealeau.

    Freight trains travel along the river.

  5. Outdoor concert in Trempealeau, Wis.

    The Trempealeau Hotel kicks off summer with Reggae Fest.

  6. A vintage clock stands along Trempealeau's riverfront.

    A vintage clock stands along the riverfront.

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