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  1. Bemidji's famous Paul Bunyan and Babe.

    Every tourist has to stop and take a photo of Paul and Babe.

  2. A bicyclist on the Paul Bunyan Trail.

    On the Paul Bunyan State Trail, a bicyclist crosses the spot where the Mississippi River leaves Lake Bemidji.

  3. Bemidji's Paul Bunyan Playhouse.

    In summer, the professional Paul Bunyan Playhouse, Minnesota's oldest, stages comedies and musicals.

  4. A beach in Bemidji.

    Cameron Park has a popular beach on the west side of Lake Bemidji.

  5. A figure of Shaynowishkung in Bemidji.

    The 1952 fiberglass figure of Shaynowishkung was replaced by a 9-foot bronze statue in 2015.

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