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  1. The view from Maiden Rock Bluff.

    From the Maiden Rock Bluff state natural area, hikers have a spectacular view of Lake Pepin.

  2. The Pearl of the Lake cruise boat.

    From Lake City, the Pearl of the Lake paddlewheeler gives tours.

  3. The Pepin Heights shop in Lake City.

    The Pepin Heights store sells produce from its Lake City orchard.

  4. The beach at Hok-Si-La park.

    In Lake City, Hok-Si-La Park includes a sand beach on Lake Pepin.

  5. People stroll by Lake City marina.

    A walking trail passes the marina in Lake City.

  6. Diners wait at the Harbor View.

    In Pepin, diners wait for a table at the Harbor View Cafe.

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