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  1. Pottawatomie Light on Rock Island.

    At the tip of Rock Island, volunteer keepers staff Pottawatomie Light, Wisconsin's oldest lighthouse.

  2. Big Sable Point Lighthouse near Ludington.

    Volunteers staff the 1867 Big Sable Point Lighthouse in Ludington State Park.

  3. Grand Traverse Light on Michigan's Leelanau Peninsula.

    On Michigan's Leelanau Peninsula, volunteer keepers help maintain Grand Traverse Light.

  4. The lighthouse on Sand Island.

    In the Apostle Islands, volunteer keepers greet visitors to Sand Island.

  5. A volunteer lighthouse keeper.

    Larry Gorsh spent two weeks as one of the keepers of Big Sable Point near Ludington, Mich.

  6. A volunteer keeper at Crisp Point.

    Volunteer keeper Rich Hoeg walks the catwalk at Crisp Point Light in the Upper Peninsula.

  7. Post-storm at Crisp Point Light.

    Volunteer keeper Rich Hoeg shot this photo while working at Crisp Point.

  8. Point Iroquois Light near Sault Ste. Marie.

    Point Iroquois Light, west of Sault Ste. Marie, asks keepers to stay at least a year.

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