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  1. A burnt-orange cabin at Ely's Burntside Resort is frequently

    No. 26, one of the distinctive butterscotch cabins at Burntside Lodge, probably is the most-photographed cabin in Minnesota.

  2. Canoeists push off into the BWCA in Ely.

    Guests of the Blue Heron B&B push off into South Farm Lake, on the edge of the Boundary Waters.

  3. The Dorothy Molter Museum in Ely.

    The cabin of Dorothy Molter, the "root-beer lady,'' was moved out of the Boundary Waters to Ely, where it's a museum.

  4. A wolf at Ely's International Wolf Center.

    A wolf prowls its enclosure at the International Wolf Center.

  5. Hegman Lake pictographs in Ely.

    Ancient pictographs can be seen along North Hegman Lake.

  6. A child on a wolf sculpture in Ely.

    A child plays on a sculpture outside the International Wolf Center.

  7. Peanut and Bolts in Ely.

    The arrival of new pups here, Boltz and Luna is always exciting.

  8. Lucky the bear chomps a sunflower in Ely.

    At the North American Bear Center, everyone loves Lucky, who arrived as a cub.

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